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Watercolor rendering of landscaped lawn lined with trees and benches between a variety of multifamily buildings

Project Information


Hunters Point, San Francisco



Phased redevelopment of a 20-acre public housing project as a new mixed-income community; ECB served as infrastructure development manager


Approximately $40M in infrastructure



Phase I completed 2013

Phase II completed 2017


Master Plan: Mithun (Solomon)

Civil Engineer: Carlile Macy


Cahill Contractors/Nibbi Brothers JV


City & County of San Francisco

Project Description

The redevelopment of Hunters View, a 20-acre public housing project located in the southeast quadrant of San Francisco, was the first HOPE SF program project undertaken by the City & County of San Francisco in partnership with a private developer.  The development team, led by the John Stewart Company, undertook the entitlement, design, financing and construction necessary to transform an outdated, unsafe set of residential buildings into a vibrant, higher density mixed-income development. The project includes all new public infrastructure, significantly enhancing the public realm and creating a new, safe community.

ECB served as the infrastructure development manager for this rebuilding effort.  In this role, ECB was responsible for constituting and managing a team of design professionals to develop an infrastructure master plan and specific plans for each of the phases of construction.

ECB’s scope of work included coordination with multiple City agencies, and both public and private utility providers, to obtain permits and service approvals to rebuild the street network in compliance with the Planning Department approved “Better Streets Plan.”  The master plan for each Phase of improvements also included a major neighborhood park and extensive street plantings within the public rights-of-way.

The resulting new Hunters View community has won numerous awards, celebrating its successes in community building and place-making achieved through excellence in both building design and site improvements.

Based on its experience with Hunters View, ECB has also served as infrastructure development manager for the Sunnydale HOPE SF 50-acre redevelopment effort for several years.

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