Randall Museum in SF to reopen after $9 million renovation

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SF Chronicle
February 9, 2018

IN THE NEWS: February 9, 2018


Randall Museum in SF to reopen after $9 million renovation

San Francisco, CA: Equity Community Builders, on behalf of the Randall Museum Friends, worked seamlessly alongside the City’s museum and project management staff to help manage the design, permitting and construction of a broad range of building improvements to the recently renovated Randall Museum, which opened in February.

In his article in the SF Chronicle, Dominic Fracassa recounts the challenges in completing this important public learning outpost, situated in Corona Heights. He also expresses that it was well worth the wait.

Despite the delays brought on by the City’s fight with PG&E over who will provide power to public buildings, the vision for the renovation moved forward. And with Supervisor Scott Wiener’s intervention power was secured and construction was completed. “That project was a true labor of love, for me and for a lot of people,” Wiener said.

Fracassa reports that broad private and public engagement in the funding of the project was key in completing the renovations. The Friends of the Randall, a non-profit support organization, worked closely with Recreation & Parks Department leadership to obtain a highly competitive State grant, then leveraged the grant through its own successful capital campaign.  Hiring ECB to augment the project team was another of the Friends’ contribution to the success of the renovation.

Mitchell Shapson, the Friends’ Board President during the renovation, applauded ECB’s contribution.

“As a seasoned project manager, ECB was critical to the success of the renovation.  ECB’s wisdom and experience helped guide the design and permitting of the project and directly solved several critical construction challenges.”

Ben Golvin, ECB’s Principal for the project, expressed his appreciation for the collaborative culture set by the Friends and the City.  “It was an honor to contribute ECB’s development management expertise to ensuring that this wonderful civic institution, the Randall Museum, can continue serving the public’s love of learning. “


For two decades ECB has demonstrated its commitment to responsibly developing buildings and creating great places that contribute to the vitality of neighborhoods and help strengthen communities. We aim to provide affordable housing at all points on the income spectrum; to employ adaptive re-uses of historic structures; and to develop centers for non-profit innovation.

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