Creating Space For Those Doing Good

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SPUR / The Urbanist
August 1, 2018


IN THE NEWS: August 1, 2018

Creating Spaces for Those Doing Good

San Francisco, CA: Equity Community Builders secured the financing and/or managed the development of several of the projects listed in Saul Ettlin’s article in The Urbanist.

Mr. Ettlin reminds us that there is a growing interest in more development of nonprofit centers in the Bay Area. And that nonprofits are strengthened by these particularly focused centers; whether they be organizations providing direct services or being a member of a nonprofit community where several nonprofits come together to share space and operational best practices.

The article features some of ECB’s most impactful community-focused projects such as the SF LGBT Center, the Ed Roberts Center, and Thoreau Center for Sustainability.


For two decades ECB has demonstrated its commitment to responsibly developing buildings and creating great places that contribute to the vitality of neighborhoods and help strengthen communities. We aim to provide affordable housing at all points on the income spectrum; to employ adaptive re-uses of historic structures; and to develop centers for non-profit innovation.

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